St. Petersburg hotel ReMarka | Best price is guaranteed

Wright on our email with the reference to the site, where you found the same reservation conditions for lower price.

We will give you the same price, if:

  1. The room is available for online booking on that site and the price shown there includes all the due and tallage – is ultimate.
  2. The room for lower price is given for the same booking conditions, as on our site, that is the room of the same category, of the same dates of check-in and check-out. And also has the same conditions of booking and stay (accommodation, cancellation conditions and other).
  3. The conditions of your reservation on our site still let you make the modification or the cancellation of the booking without paying the commission.
  4. You promptly gave all the information concerning your reservation on other site with the reference on that site and printscreen picture of it.

If you made the reservation on the other site using special rates for the members of membership programme, or the offer for the regular guests or the programme of loyalty, and also if you contacted us after having made the reservation on that site, we unfortunately can not guarantee the identical rate.